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Internal Affairs Investigator



Handle complaints involving Police Officers.

What does an Internal Affairs Investigator do?

As an Internal Affairs Investigator, you examine the actions of a police force when accidents happen or complaints are received, making sure the Officers in blue who are tasked with protecting the public are not abusing their power.

Internal Affairs Investigators understand that when guns, batons, and badges are mixed with crime, the outcomes aren’t always pleasant. There’s often that rogue Cop who forgets their pledge and uses every dirty trick in the book to take down the bad guy. In the real force, that type of behavior isn’t tolerated, and as the Internal Affairs Investigator, you’re the Officer who investigates the misconduct.

The outcome can bend one of two ways as you work to serve both your fellow Officers and the public. You investigate complaints against Police Officers in order to either free the accused Cop of responsibility or make sure they’re reprimanded. Much like in a normal criminal case, you conduct interviews, review security tapes, administer polygraph tests, and record your results.

It might seem easy to play favorites and believe a fellow Officer whom you might have even been partnered with once, but you have to remain objective and stick to the evidence in order for justice to be upheld. If it comes down to it, you’ll have to testify in court, no matter if it supports or condemns a coworker.

In the movies, the rogue Cop can get away with murder. You hold your force to higher standards. Standards that are put into place make sure that Cops and citizens are treated equally, and are equally safe.

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