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Interior Design Professor

Teach university students about interior design.

What does an Interior Design Professor do?

An Interior Design Professor teaches the practice, history, and theory of architectural and interior design to graduates or undergraduates. Whether you are teaching day, evening, or weekend courses, as an Interior Design Professor, you work within the school’s departmental course outlines to promote and assess student learning, achievement, and success.

The life of an Interior Design Professor is pretty great. Your day might include a classroom lecture on how to work through particular design problems and come up with creative solutions; some time meeting one-on-one with students; and a meeting with other Department Heads to discuss revising the course content. In other words, your day is spent surrounded by bright, motivated people, who are as passionate about interior design as yourself.

Through these interactions you pass on your broad knowledge of historical and contemporary design. You might share your theories on how the Bauhaus movement was impacted by culture, economics, and technology, or teach your students the way to approach long curtains.

Either way, you are training the next generation everything they need to know about conventional design techniques, and encouraging them to explore new, experimental techniques. You help to develop and nurture each student’s creativity, and show him or her how to use the tools they will need to be successful.

Keeping your students interested is important, so you must be passionate and enthusiastic about teaching design skills, socially responsible design methods, and critical thinking. You need the ability to effectively communicate and motivate, and a great sense of humor to keep your students awake.

The rewards of being an Interior Design Professor are many, and they include the knowledge that you have helped young minds achieve their goals of making the world’s homes and buildings more aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps best of all, you get to roam the campus, sporting a nifty pipe and a cool tweed jacket with elbow patches.