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Interior Design Lecturer

Share your expertise of interior design with a variety of audiences.

What does an Interior Design Lecturer do?

As an Interior Design Lecturer, you are expert or leader in the field of Interior Design. The purpose of your lectures may be varied, but essentially you use your knowledge to inspire and inform an audience about Interior Design. That audience might consist of students planning on entering the Interior Design field, an Architectural Design firm’s team of Designers, or homemakers looking to spruce up their nest.

A popular path for an Interior Design Lecturer, is find work at a college, in the hopes of eventually getting hired as an Adjunct Professor then full Professor. If this is your path, you most likely will have been hired as an Interior Design Lecturer to teach a pre-defined course on creating floor plans, on the general concept of Interior Design, or on a specific topic pertaining to the field.

Alternatively, you might choose to travel around on a lecturing circuit with other Lecturers with various expertise. Here your lectures will be much shorter; for example, you may be asked to share your expertise in ambient lighting techniques or your innovative method of seeing a project through from conception to completion.

Either way, you must be able to think on your feet-you will have to give accurate feedback when an audience member questions your take on color pairing. You must also be an enthusiastic and passionate orator; well versed in public speaking and at ease with an audience, with the ability to inspire and produce new talent. Obviously, fantastic communication skills are a must, as are organizational and problem solving skills.

This is a field where dreamers and visionaries thrive. You will be continuously rewarded with the knowledge that you have helped educate your audience in the art of Interior Design, and by doing so, have helped to make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place. Ending your workday with a hearty round of applause isn’t too bad, either.