Interior Design Coordinator

Organize workers and schedules for commercial interior design projects.

What does an Interior Design Coordinator do?

An Interior Design Coordinator assists and supports the interior or architectural design team in planning, designing, and furnishing large corporate, commercial, or industrial projects. Employers hire an Interior Design Coordinator to help come up with the design ideas, develop presentations of those ideas to show the clients, and coordinate the activities and materials required to make those ideas a reality.

An average day as an Interior Design Coordinator might begin with coffee and a design team brainstorming session, where you share your ideas and insights on how to best utilize the natural light of a client’s space. Later, you might select and order the fabrics and furnishings for one project, and create a visual presentation of a floor plan redesign for another.

Although this sounds like something that an Interior Designer would do, the difference between you and them is the size of the projects that you work on: You do BIG projects, and design is only an aspect of your job. The bulk of your responsibilities lie in coordinating the various elements that execute the design. These include things like coordinating the deliveries, installation schedules, and deadlines between the design team, the clients, the warehouse, and vendors. Your duties might also include creating, monitoring, and managing requisitions and purchase orders – communicating with everyone involved as you go along.

This job requires both creative and administrative skills, and you will often be working on multiple projects with variable timelines. You must be detail oriented, a multi-tasker, and great at coming up with creative design solutions. As an Interior Design Coordinator, you play a huge role in your firm’s ability to meet the client’s goals – whether they are to sell merchandise, raise productivity, or improve the life style of the client, or the client’s employees or residents.