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Interior Decorator



Spruce up home and office spaces with your creative touch.

What does an Interior Decorator do?

Interior Decorators use elements like paint, lighting, and fabric to create living spaces that match their owner’s personality. Keeping in mind things like budget, function, and personal taste, you come up with a vision for the interiors of a client’s office or home.

This job is similar to that of an Interior Designer, but with a few big differences. The main one is schooling. An Interior Decorator doesn’t need formal training, but you can choose to get certified through online or community college classes. An Interior Designer, on the other hand, must get a four-year degree. You also differ from a Designer in what you are allowed to alter within a room. As a Decorator, you only focus on the room as it exists. This means you change paint colors, add curtains, take away throw pillows, or install carpets. Designers, on the other hand, can alter architectural aspects-they can remove walls, add skylights, or take out windows.

As an Interior Decorator, you want to make sure your client is always happy and on the same page as you are. Really good communication skills, and the ability to explain your vision help a lot in this job. You can work with a number of different spaces, from a restaurant to a house to an office to a yacht. Keeping abreast of the latest design trends, and learning as much as possible about different fabrics and styles will help you get clients and keep them happy.

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