Interior Assemblies Installer

Install aircraft interior furnishings, trim, and accessories.

What does an Interior Assemblies Installer do?

Installs aircraft interior furnishings, trim, and accessories, such as carpeting, sidewalls, doors, windows, seats, partitions, galleys, and passenger service units, according to specifications, using handtools and power tools: Reads and interprets blueprints, drawings, and production procedures to determine measurements and installation procedures. Measures and marks installation areas in aircraft interior, using measuring and marking instruments and templates. Drills, reams, countersinks, rivets, trims, and files parts and assemblies, using handtools and power tools. Fits and installs items in aircraft, using handtools, power tools, and fasteners, such as screws, rivets, bolts, and speednuts. Fabricates and installs supporting structural devices, such as clips, brackets, angles, gussets, and doublers, using shop equipment. Tests functional performance of installed items. Reworks installations as required.