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Interior Assemblies Developer Prover

Plan, lay out, fabricate, and assemble interior of aircrafts.

What does an Interior Assemblies Developer Prover do?

Plans, lays out, fabricates, and assembles aircraft upholstery, interior trim, soundproofing, insulating, and related items, to develop prototype parts to verify or modify engineering designs, using precision instruments, handtools, power tools, and shop equipment: Reads and interprets blueprints, sketches, and engineering information to determine design specifications. Plans location and arrangement of parts and assemblies, considering space requirements in aircraft. Lays out dimensions of parts on assorted materials, such as plastic, wood, or cardboard, to develop template for fabricating parts, using measuring and marking instruments. Cuts template to size, using saw, shears, or power cutters. Fabricates and assembles sample parts from assorted fabrics, plastics, and other trim materials, utilizing upholstery craft skills, using templates, handtools, and shop equipment, such as sewing machines, snap fasteners, and power cutters [UPHOLSTERER 780.384-014]. Installs completed parts and assemblies in aircraft mockup to verify accuracy of fit, using handtools and power tools. Modifies templates as required prior to releasing pattern to production. Collaborates with engineering, tooling, production, and other personnel to resolve developmental, assembly, and installation problems.