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Interior Architecture Professor

Teach university students about interior architecture.

What does an Interior Architecture Professor do?

As an Interior Architecture Professor, you teach college courses to students working towards their architecture degree. These students dream of designing houses as beautiful as those of Frank Lloyd Wright (although just the interiors). If you’ve ever seen a historic, unique, custom-built, or dramatic building that stopped you in your tracks and made you think, “Whoa, I want to build that!” then you understand. That passion drives your students to learn the science, math, and legalities required in the field, along with developing their drafting and creativity skills.

Topics in your classroom as an Interior Architecture Professor include: computer-aided design (CAD) programs, types of materials and what they can do, structural safety, interior design and decorating, and the art of architecture. As an Interior Architecture Professor you will teach hundreds of students each term. You prepare and present lesson plans, and assign homework, reports, essays, exams, and projects.

When the students complete these tasks, you evaluate each assignment and record letter grades. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a student aide to help you in this process. That means you may spend some time supervising. You also make yourself available to your students outside of class time.

Every student learns more from a Professor who is alive with enthusiasm for his or her subject. Your passion is invaluable. In addition to a love for architecture, you need fantastic communication skills so you can listen to your students, answer questions, promote discussions, and effectively relay information.