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Interior Architect



Map out the inner spaces of buildings.

What does an Interior Architect do?

While the Interior Designer focuses on ways to decorate interior spaces, an Interior Architect designs and constructs that space. So, although you often work with the Interior Designer, your job as an Interior Architect is very different.

When you create a design, you consider many factors, such as natural and artificial lighting. What time of day receives the most light? Which type of ceiling fixtures should you use? Load-bearing walls, safety and building codes, number of windows, doors, seats, tables, the central heating system all come into play as well. In addition, as an Interior Architect is often charged with creating a space that serves a specific purpose, such as a relaxing atmosphere for a spa or a productive air in an office.

You work on the inside of the building, and often specialize in one type, such as a casino, house, or theater. You also work as part of a construction team that includes Engineers, Construction Workers, and other Architects. It requires a lot of communication to relate your ideas while acknowledging those of others. Teamwork is pivotal.

Take, for example, the task of designing the interiors of a theater. The Engineer needs to make sure it is structurally sound. You want to embellish it with a mosaic ceiling, flying buttresses, and walls embossed in gold. And the Construction Supervisor needs to make sure the project is done on time and within budget. In order to do your job, you have to respect and consider everyone else’s.

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