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Interactive Content Producer

Generate web content that encourages user participation.

What does an Interactive Content Producer do?

You want to look up the headlines from your local news station, find a new recipe for dinner, or kill an hour on an online gaming site, so you flip open the laptop and head into cyberspace. There are few things that can’t be accessed via the Internet. After all, it seems that every Artist, business, and special interest group has a website that provides information, entertainment, and interactive content. That’s all thanks to the work of Interactive Content Producers, who write, edit, and design interactive features for websites.

Your position as an Interactive Content Producer is more closely related to a Journalist ‘s than a Web Designer ‘s, but the job has aspects of both positions. Your understanding of computer lingo and publishing software allows you to easily relate to your Web Designer counterparts. Together, you get links, videos, audio, and pictures on the web page. While you write the articles and create the layout, your web support team makes sure it all works without hiccups.

After all, if users are frustrated, they aren’t likely to return, and that’s bad news if you want to keep your Interactive Content Producer title. In addition to actually creating content for the page, your overarching goal is to increase traffic to the site and improve the user’s experience.

Whether you’re designing a game for facebook or implementing a forum on a home improvement site, each project is different. So if you like variety, this could be the job for you.