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Interaction Designer



Make gadgets user-friendly.

What does an Interaction Designer do?

An Interaction Designer is like a Translator, but instead of working with different accents and pronunciations you turn computer code into something the average person can easily understand and use. As an Interaction Designer, it is your job to find a way to make a program written by a Computer Programmer with years of knowledge, make sense to the average person who only uses their computer for e-mail.

Most fields use Interaction Designers- everyone, from the arts to manufacturing, needs to make their products, systems or services easy for consumers to use. GPS systems in cars, ER equipment, cell phones, appliances and computer programs are all examples of products you will work on as an Interaction Designer before they find their way into customer’s hands.

You do your job by using different research techniques to figure out what your target audience wants in a product and then finding design ways to reach those desires, if not exceed them.

Computer design skills are required for this job and you should also have good communication and interpersonal skills-you will be adding a personal side to designs created by Computer Engineers and Programmers (two groups known for their lack of interpersonal skills).

You’ll be able to tell when you’ve done your job well when your designs have a short learning curve and customers find your products easy to understand and fun, not frustrating, to use.

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