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Intellectual Property Lawyer



Keep inventions, brand names, and artistic creations safe from copycats.

What does an Intellectual Property Lawyer do?

Intellectual property is ideas, words, inventions, or art forms. Intellectual Property Lawyers study a specific field of law, which addresses issues with Writers, corporations, Artists, Musicians, Inventor, and anything else that wants to protect an intangible concept. As an Intellectual Property Lawyer, you argue cases where an idea, plan, image, or invention is stolen, recreated, or copied.

Within this area of law, there are four main types of protection for work as an Intellectual Property Lawyer created by your clients. Patents cover inventions. Trademarks offer legal protection for brand names. Copyright laws guard authored works. And, trade secret laws protect confidential information. You may specialize in one of these areas, or represent all four as an Intellectual Property Lawyer.

Regardless of your focus, your responsibilities are the same. If your client claims that another Author plagiarized his writing, for example, you begin with a thorough investigation of the case. When did your client write the material? Do you have evidence such as a saved computer file or date-stamped envelope? Next, you formulate legal documents, which outline the details of your case, and work with opposing counsel to settle the disagreement. If this can’t be achieved outside of court, you represent your client in front of a Judge.

The job of Intellectual Property Lawyer is an interesting sliver within the litigation world. Your knowledge, determination, and voice offer clients something that no one else can–protection for their ideas, words, paintings, inventions, or music.

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