Integrated Circuit Fabricator

Perform tasks to fabricate integrated circuits on semiconductor wafers.

What does an Integrated Circuit Fabricator do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate integrated circuits on semiconductor wafers according to written specifications: Loads semiconductor wafers into processing containers for processing or into inspection equipment, using tweezers or vacuum wand. Cleans and dries photo masks and semiconductor wafers to remove contaminants, using cleaning and drying equipment. Inspects photo masks and wafers for defects, such as scratches, using microscope, magnifying lens, or computer-aided inspection equipment. Deposits layer of photoresist solution on wafers, using automated equipment. Aligns photo mask pattern on photoresist layer, exposes pattern to ultraviolet light, and develops pattern, using specialized equipment. Alters electrical nature of wafer layers according to photo mask patterns to form integrated circuits on wafers, using equipment, such as acid baths, diffusion furnaces, ion implant equipment, and metallization equipment. Removes photoresist from wafers, using stripping chemicals and equipment. Inspects and measures circuitry for conformance to pattern specifications, using microscope with measuring attachment. Tests functioning of circuitry, using electronic test equipment and standard procedures.