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Intake Nurse



Process incoming patients by assessing their conditions and priority.

What does an Intake Nurse do?

As an Intake Nurse, you are the opposite of a Security Guard. Instead of working to keep people out, you work to get them in. Acting as the first point of contact for patients in a hospital or clinic, an Intake Nurse reviews patient injuries, take their vital signs, and place them in the appropriate order for treatment. All of this takes place in minutes to ensure patients receive care as quickly as possible.

The nature of your work as an Intake Nurse demands a thorough medical knowledge so you can accurately determine which patients need attention first. Internal bleeding, for example, certainly takes priority over a sprained ankle.

Once the patient is checked into the hospital, and has their arm band to identify who they are and what medications they are allergic to, you update their chart to reflect any medications they’ve recently taken, their vital sign readings, and the nature of their illness or injuries. Doctors review this information to bring themselves up to speed on how best to treat the patient.

Depending on the patient’s condition, you may draw blood or send them to the lab for a urine test or an x-ray. This speeds up the process so that when the Doctor is ready to see the patient, the test results are already waiting for evaluation.

Once all this is complete, you send the patient to a hospital room, and focus on checking on the rest of the patients in a timely manner.

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