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Intake Coordinator

Arrange appointments between patients and the right specialists.

What does an Intake Coordinator do?

Gone are the days when a single family Doctor treated you for everything. Now Doctors of all specialties abound, and patients may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices, not to mention the red tape surrounding which Doctors insurance companies will and won’t cover. To help patients sort out where to go and who to see, healthcare facilities hire an Intake Coordinator to handle referrals and match new patients with the right Doctor for their problems.

The majority of your workload as an Intake Coordinator covers talking with patients on the phone and scheduling appointments. If the clinic is booked solid, or the patient doesn’t fit the criteria for your Doctor’s specialty, as an Intake Coordinator, you recommend a different Doctor who can better serve the patient.

Your work environment ranges from healthcare clinics to Doctor’s offices to Psychiatrist ‘s offices. Matching the right specialist to each patient is the first step in developing an effective treatment plan.

Once patients are scheduled, you collect information to set up a patient record in the computer. This file will contain the patient’s information and medical history, and track their progress throughout their time at your facility. Like an Event Planner for the medical world, you arrange appointments, keep records in order, and make decisions on which patients to treat at your facility.