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Insurance Underwriter



Decide which applicants get coverage based on the risk they present.

Salary Range

$69,760 - $123,660

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does an Insurance Underwriter do?

Everyone needs insurance. Not everyone, however, can get it. An Insurance Underwriter separates the “haves” from the “have-nots” — the insured from the uninsured — by deciding whether or not to extend insurance to an applicant or a group of applicants. The Insurance Underwriter also plays a critical role in assigning the right type of insurance to different people.

As an Insurance Underwriter, you play the part of “risk police.” Whether it’s health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, or car insurance, an insurance company pays you to spend your days flipping proverbial coins, gambling on the likelihood of applicants filing claims.

It’s not as reckless as it sounds, though: When an individual or group files an insurance application, you review the application. Ideally, you want to ensure people who will 1) pay their premiums in full and on time, and 2) avoid causing injuries and accidents that require them to file an insurance claim — which your company, of course, would have to pay.

Your number one duty, then, is mathematically reviewing applications, using statistics and probability to calculate perceived risk. Based on your assessment, you either approve or deny the application for insurance. If you approve it, you then set the rates and terms of the insurance policy, charging an appropriate premium based on the assessed level of risk.

You’re kind of like a Mathematician at a farm stand: You spend your days doing calculations, trying to avoid bad apples!

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