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Insurance Sales Manager

Help your company increase insurance sales by overseeing a sales team.

What does an Insurance Sales Manager do?

When a company needs to insure its employees or property it turns to you, the Insurance Sales Manager. You sell clients the best insurance for their needs while managing the rest of the staff in your department. As the Insurance Sales Manager, you motivate employees to do the best work they can. You also get the privilege of dealing with the top-notch companies one-on-one to sell them your company’s insurance policies.

On the job as an Insurance Sales Manager, you work in a nice cozy office and oversee the other employees. Each day you sell insurance policies to new clients, answer questions from existing clients, and check that all employees are doing their jobs. Everyone has a bad day and you’re there to encourage an employee to get back in the game and bring in new clients.

On days when you’re not selling to clients you review current employee performance. You also conduct interviews and choose who to hire. Each person contributes something special to the company and you select and train the right employees to build your dream team.

Compassion, discipline, and strong leadership skills make you the best choice for a job as an Insurance Sales Manager. From managing employee problems to creating new deals with a high-profile customer, you run a tight ship and churn out high profits.