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Insurance Lawyer



Make sure insurance policies are lawful.

What does an Insurance Lawyer do?

Insurance is a sticky business. On one side is the consumer paying premiums and anticipating payment when devastating accidents occur. On the other side are the companies taking huge risks to offer insurance in the hopes of making profits. As an Insurance Lawyer, you work with one side or the other to aid in understanding laws, completing paperwork and surviving the process of going to trial.

As an Insurance Lawyer, you will work for either the consumer or the insurance company. If you are hired as an Insurance Lawyer by the consumer, your job is to collect the facts, research laws pertaining to the case, complete correspondence with the insurance company, and represent the client in court if necessary.

If your client is the insurance company, your job is basically the same. You investigate the claims of the customer and determine whether the insurance company is within its rights of the law in denying the claim. You send letters to the customer or their Lawyer and represent the company at trial if an agreement can’t be reached. On this side of the job, you also oversee the writing of the policies to ensure their legal accuracy and avoid any potential loopholes.

As with all jobs in litigation, this position requires attention to detail, the ability to be comfortable in speaking in front of groups, and a dedication to ongoing education. Insurance laws change frequently and it is your job to be up to date in your knowledge.

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