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Insurance Commissioner

Manage the insurance program for a state.

What does an Insurance Commissioner do?

An Insurance Commissioner is charged with protecting consumers and upholding the laws by overseeing an entire state’s insurance program. Enforcing state insurance laws, creating a healthy environment for insurance companies, and educating consumers are all in a day’s work for an Insurance Commissioner.

Working as an Insurance Commissioner may require you to win an election or receive an appointment by the Governor in some states. For example, some states require the Governor to appoint the Insurance Commissioner, ensuring that the candidate has experience both in the insurance industry and as a consumer advocate. Using your skills in communication, management, and negotiation, you make decisions that impact everyone in your state.

Coursework in the communications field prepares you for the public speaking aspect of the job, while also giving you the ability to talk with a variety of people. For instance, you may advise the Governor on insurance policy in the morning, and discuss the concerns of Medicaid recipients in the afternoon of the same day. The way you converse with each group will be different, and you must adjust your style and vocabulary to correspond with the situation.

Management courses are also beneficial as you oversee all the insurance regulators in the state. Knowing the appropriate staffing levels, the workload of each, and when to make necessary adjustments keeps you busy as well. In addition, identifying areas of insurance law that need tweaking to better suit your consumers, and implementing the changes fall under your umbrella.

Negotiation skills are essential since you’re required to negotiate contracts with insurance companies and state departments. Finding the right balance to make all parties agree on contracts requires calm and clear thinking, and you’re just the right person. Putting your business acumen and experience to good use, you help make the state a better place to live and work.