Insurance Collector

Work with insurance companies and patients to process medical charges.

What does an Insurance Collector do?

Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, and other medical professionals live to help other people, but they also expect to be paid for their time and talent. Insurance companies often foot the bill, but they must be notified that the bill exists. As an Insurance Collector, you work with insurance companies and patients to process medical charges.

As an Insurance Collector, when patients arrive in your facility, you ask them for proof of their insurance coverage. Next, you look at their medical records and make sure all of the charges have been recorded properly. Then, using the patient’s insurance coverage card, as the Insurance Collector, you bill the patient’s insurance company.

Sometimes, the insurance company will only pay part of the medical bill, leaving the patient on the hook for the rest of the fees. When this happens, the Insurance Collector’s job is to send a bill to the patient and wait for the phone to ring. When the angry patient calls with questions, you explain what has happened, and you offer a reasonable payment plan to help them absorb the cost.

When insurance companies pay the their bills, you apply the proper amounts against the client’s account. You do the same thing when patients pay. Keeping an accurate record of money owed and money due is critical to an Insurance Collector’s job, as errors in accounting could result in angry insurance companies, hostile patients, or both. Often, you check and double-check your work so you can do your job properly and have a placid, stress-free workday.