Insurance Clerk

Maintain and organize your company's client files.

What does an Insurance Clerk do?

Insurance comes in many forms: medical, dental, auto, renters, and house, just to name a few. Each of these types has different, tiny nuances particular to it. But the one thing they all have in common is the loads of paperwork and documentation. As an Insurance Clerk, your job is to help organize, verify, and file the flood of paperwork that gets created with each new case.

When you’re an Insurance Clerk, you handle client files and any changes that happen with them. If someone switches their coverage and gets a new policy, you’re the one who updates their account. If a patient misfiles paperwork regarding a claim, you’re the one who calls them to get the missing information. If there’s a question about the billing of a procedure, the Insurance Clerk is the one who calls the Doctor and patient to get to the bottom of the confusion. You also contact clients about overdue payments, and track claims as they go through the system.

To do your job well as an Insurance Clerk, you need excellent customer service skills (for dealing with both Insurance Agents and customers), basic computer know-how, and the ability to do repetitive administrative tasks without getting bored. You also have to respect confidentiality, especially in the medical field where you often read and process private patient information regarding procedures and illnesses. In addition, you need the ability to understand and explain confusing information. Again, this is especially true in medical insurance where you’ll run into Medicare and Medicaid, two government programs with seemingly constantly changing rules and regulations.