Insurance Checker

Update insurance information when customers change their plans or assets.

What does an Insurance Checker do?

Signing up for insurance, and changing the details of an existing policy, can take a lot of paperwork. Each part of that paperwork must be filled out and entered into the computer properly. Unfortunately, this kind of work is done by human beings, and human beings often make mistakes. As an Insurance Checker, you look for those mistakes, and correct them when you find them.

When people want to change their policies, they see their Insurance Agents and fill out paperwork and they then hand the paperwork to the Insurance Checker. When you receive this paperwork as an Insurance Checker, you make sure all of the items have been filled out. You run quick checks to verify information, just to make sure the person truly lives at the location written on the form and the assets listed are truly worth what the owner says they’re worth.

If you spot mistakes that you can correct, it’s your responsibility as an Insurance Checker to correct them. Otherwise, the Insurance Agent must work with the client to get the proper information, and then you receive the forms again.

Most days involve math. Calculating the benefits someone will receive is part of your job, as is determining how much someone must pay each month to keep the policy current.

Since you’re an excellent Proofreader, able to spot errors with ease, you might be asked to look over company brochures and printed materials as well, to make sure they don’t contain errors. In time, you’ll become so accustomed to spotting mistakes and omissions that it may become difficult to read the paper without reaching for a red pen and marking mistakes.