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Insurance Agent



Sell auto, home, health or life insurance as individual or group plans.

What does an Insurance Agent do?

Insurance agents sell peace of mind. Not literally, but the insurance products you sell provide numerous people with the safety and security they need.

You can sell life, health, auto, home, or various other types of insurance. To do your job well, you need to be business savvy, have great communication skills, and constantly keep abreast of the latest insurance products.

Some insurance agents sell other financial products such as mutual funds and annuities. They may even offer their clients more in-depth financial planning services as well.

The most important thing you do in this job is interact with your clients. People come to you every day looking for answers to life’s hard questions: How can I protect my income in case of illness or injury? How can I provide for my family after I’m gone? What if someone totals my sweet new car?

You work with each client separately, designing a policy that works for their unique circumstances.

The Internet has changed the face of insurance in the modern age. Today, many insurance shoppers have already extensively investigated their options online before ever visiting you in your office. Some may choose to transact all business over the phone and email. This actually translates into more time for you to find and cultivate new customers, which can translate into more revenue.

Having a high level of competence with technology and embracing new ways to gain customers (social media, etc.) will serve you well. Most insurance agents work a 40-hour workweek, either alongside other workers in an agency, or alone in a private office or business. Often, the more time and energy you put into this job, the more rewards you can reap over time.

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