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Insulation Installer

Keep heat in and cold out by installing thermal insulation.

What does an Insulation Installer do?

Anybody who pays a power bill is constantly looking for ways to reduce heating and cooling costs. And proper insulation is a great place to start. Insulation is placed in walls, ceilings, and floors, and also wrapped around hot water heaters, pipes, and ductwork. This all gets done because of Insulation Installers.

As an Insulation Installer, you analyze blueprints and Builder specifications to find out what kind of insulation is needed, and how much. As soon as you have the specs, you gather your supplies and dig in. Depending on where the insulation material is going, you have several techniques to choose from. You might first install a material similar to chicken wire that is rough enough for the insulation to stick to. Or you might simply roll out the insulation. Another option would be to use a special machine to blow loose insulation into an area, such as an attic.

Whether you’re insulating a restaurant’s refrigeration system or the walls of the city library, as an Insulation Installer, you should be familiar with building codes, and know exactly how much insulation is required for the project. You use tools to measure and cut the material, and then staple, tape, spray, cement, or strap it down. Sometimes, you install sheet metal, drywall, or paneling over the insulation to keep it in place. Insulation can be a dangerous substance, so you’re sure to call in another professional if you’re removing old ones that may contain asbestos. You also wear special clothes, gloves, and masks as required by the job.