Insulation Cutter and Former

Cut and form insulation, gaskets, and wedges used in electric motors.

What does an Insulation Cutter and Former do?

Cuts and forms insulation, gaskets, and wedges used in electric motors and generators, performing any combination of following duties: Measures and marks dimensions and holes on insulation material, such as felt, fiber, mica, and fiberglass, using specifications or template. Places sheet of insulation against shearing machine stops, depresses pedal to lower blade to cut strips, or inserts sheet under roller-type holddown and against stops of circular saw to cut strips. Places cut material into bending machine and depresses pedal to rotate movable section around fixed mandrel to shape sides. Holds flat and wedge insulation against pedestal grinder to grind U-shaped bevel in end or inserts mica sheets between drums of drum sander to wear down to specified thickness. Measures thickness of each mica sheet, using micrometer, and stacks sheets according to dimensions. May cut shaped wooden or fiber strips to lengths for wedges, using bandsaw.