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Insulation Cupola Operator

Operate cupola furnaces and spin molten mineral into mineral wool fibers.

What does an Insulation Cupola Operator do?

Operates water-cooled cupola furnace and related equipment to melt coke, slag, basalt, lime, and silica into molten mineral, and spins molten mineral into mineral wool fibers: Lights fire in furnace to melt charge. Reads gauges and turns valves to regulate water and steam pressure. Observes melting of ingredients in furnace through porthole, and adjusts airblast on flaming coke bed to control intensity of heat and melting process. Activates spinning wheel. Removes taphole plug to allow molten stream to flow into water-cooled furnace trough, over high-pressure steam jet and into spinning wheel, to be spun into mineral wool fibers. Observes color intensity and flow of molten stream to determine suitability for spinning. Adjusts distance of steam ring and spinning wheel from end of trough to control length of spun fibers. Scrapes residue slag from trough and spinning wheel, using bar and scraper.