Instrument Repairer

Repair and calibrate speedometers and other automotive gauges and meters.

What does an Instrument Repairer do?

Repairs and calibrates speedometers and other automotive gauges and meters, using handtools and test equipment: Confers with customer to determine nature of malfunction. Inspects components, connections, and drive mechanisms to detect defects. Removes instrument from vehicle and disassembles, cleans, and inspects instrument to determine which parts are defective. Replaces worn and defective parts, using handtools. Tests and calibrates instruments, using mechanical and electronic devices, such as voltmeters, pressure generators, and speedometer tester. Installs instruments in vehicle, using handtools. Computes speedometer drive ratio changes for modified vehicles. Maintains stock and parts inventory. May operate jeweler’s lathe and other machines to fabricate instrument parts. May repair automotive clocks [WATCH REPAIRER].