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Instrument Mechanic

Inspect and recalibrate electrical and mechanical gauges.

What does an Instrument Mechanic do?

Instruments have been integrated into almost every machine. They tell you how fast you’re driving, how deep your drill is moving into the ground, how hot your oven is, and how much time you have left in the DVD you’re watching. These instruments, while helpful, can sometimes break and need fixing. An Instrument Mechanic makes those repairs.

As an Instrument Mechanic, you have a background in both mechanical and electrical problems, as instruments can fail for either reason. You also know quite a bit about pneumatic systems, as those systems are commonly used to create specialized readings.

When a malfunctioning piece of equipment is brought to you and as an Instrument Mechanic you take that equipment apart to look for the problem. You may order replacements for parts that are worn down or broken. You may also oil small parts, and test electrical circuits.

When the repairs have been made, you put the equipment back together. Then you calibrate the sensitive equipment to make sure it is taking accurate readings. You may test the equipment repeatedly, just to make sure the readings are spot on each time.

You may specialize in one category, such as automotive or kitchen instruments, and own your own shop. Or you may work in the military, as modern warfare requires many pieces of specialized equipment, and they aren’t always treated with loving care.