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Instrument Maker and Repairer

Set up and operate machine tools to remodel instruments.

What does an Instrument Maker and Repairer do?

Sets up and operates machine tools to remodel electrical and electronic instruments used in electrical logging, gun perforating, sub-surface surveying, and other oil, gas, or borehole prospecting, testing and servicing operations, following engineering orders and specifications and applying knowledge of electronics, mechanics, metal properties, shop mathematics, and machining procedures: Measures, marks, and scribes dimensions of parts to be made on metal or plastic stock, using layout tools, such as rule, square, or scribe [LAY-OUT WORKER]. Machines parts to specifications, using machine tools, such as lathes, drill presses, and grinders [MACHINIST]. Assembles fabricated mechanical parts and such purchased parts as pulleys, springs, and dials, using bolts, screws, tweezers, wrenches, and screwdrivers [INSTRUMENT MAKER]. Installs electrical and electronic parts, such as sockets, switches, and rheostats, in chassis. Connects circuit components, such as tubes, coils, and switches, using wire strippers and soldering iron and following circuit diagrams. Tests instruments to determine conformance to specifications, using equipment, such as voltmeters and ohmmeters. May be designated according to product remodeled or repaired.