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Instructional Technologist



Integrate the newest technology into the classroom to help kids learn.

What does an Instructional Technologist do?

Instructional Technologist specialize in the psychological knowledge of how people learn, with an acute interest in technology. If you have an interest in education, a desire to improve teaching systems for the benefit of the student, and a love for technology, perhaps a career as an Instructional Technologist is a good fit for you.

As an Instructional Technologist you use your ever-up-to-date tech knowledge to implement new software, hardware, and internet systems in classrooms and businesses that have vast training programs for their employees.

As an Instructional Technologist you might even monitor online courses at the college level. Regardless of the age of the student or the subject of the class, you excel at evaluating the system in place and making recommendations about how it can be improved.

Technology is the key. Think of the progression of the chalkboard. Today’s classrooms rarely even have them. We’ve replaced them with dry erase boards, and supplemented those with interactive projectors called smart boards.

But this job is not just about placing the newest equipment in the classroom. It’s about finding the most effective technology to help relay information to students. Software, internet websites, and new computer systems all present information in ways never before possible.

With that comes a world of new opportunities for students. They can take satellite classes from another campus, complete credits online, interact with an online Tutor, or boost their skills through computer software programs.

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