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Instructional Design Specialist



Develop clever teaching methods to motivate instructors and students.

What does an Instructional Design Specialist do?

Gone are the days of one-room schools where those not working the fields were exposed to the basics of math and writing. Instructional Design Specialists understand that today’s schools are a blender of foreign language, advanced science and math, personal finance, computer graphics, engineering, robotics, and forensics. With topics like those, it’s no wonder that students sometimes struggle to retain it all.

As an Instructional Design Specialist, you find ways to excite, motivate, and educate not only students, but also Teachers and employees. You typically work with programs targeted at students, but might also work with large organizations to design specific training materials for their employees.

Either way, the process starts with a clear understanding of the goals that you set you obtain as an Instructional Design Specialist. Perhaps bank employees need to learn a new computer system in order to perform their jobs. Or maybe middle grade students need a new science program that relays information about species, family and genus.

Whatever it is, the important part of your job is not just to create the programs, visual aids, models, and other materials, but also to make them interactive, interesting, and educational. Your goal is not just to throw information at the students, because their Teachers have that covered. You look for ways to integrate the information in such a way that they will retain it.

This requires an understanding of how people learn, coupled with strong computer skills. With this combination, you just might see one of your designs become the norm for phonic education or remedial math applications.

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