Instantizer Operator

Tend hydrating and drying equipment to make instant dairy products.

What does an Instantizer Operator do?

Tends hydrating and drying equipment to make instant dairy products, using either of following methods: Turns valves, starts fans, and observes thermometers and gauges to heat drying chamber to specified temperature and supply steam to hydrating jets. Starts conveyors and shaker screen. Turns dial to transfer powder from feeder hopper through steam spray, drying chamber, and vibrating screen into storage hopper. Turns steam valves and feeder dial to adjust temperature or powder flow to maintain specified moisture content. Starts pumps, turns valves, and observes meter to spray water into hydrator at specified rate. Starts blower to push powder from storage hopper, through water spray, and onto conveyor leading to dryer and sizing rolls. Turns valve and observes thermometer to maintain specified temperature in dryer. Positions sizing rolls on conveyor, using wrench, to crumble dried powder to specified size. Examines and feels powder for moisture and charring.