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Instant Print Operator

Operate offset-duplicating machines, photocopiers, and related machines.

What does an Instant Print Operator do?

Operates offset-duplicating machine, photocopier, and related machines and equipment to produce copies of original materials for customers in instant print shop: Accepts printing orders from customers and computes and quotes prices to customers. Reads job orders to determine quantity of materials to be printed, and stock and ink specifications. Adjusts settings and operates camera plate maker to produce plastic or paper plates for use in offset duplicating. Operates offset duplicating machine to reproduce single or multicolor copies of text, drawings, graphs, or similar materials [OFFSET-DUPLICATING-MACHINE OPERATOR 651.682-014]. Operates copier to produce photocopies of single color or small run jobs [PHOTOCOPYING-MACHINE OPERATOR 207.685-014]. Examines proof copy to assure accurate reproduction of color, centering of print, and conformance of copy to layout specifications. Operates auxiliary machines such as collator, pad and tablet making machine, stapler, and paper punching, folding, cutting, and perforating machines to assemble materials. May operate computerized typesetting machine to set type for printing. May assemble typeset copy and artwork into pasteup for printing reproduction. May receive payment from customers and box or wrap printed materials.