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Inspect, repair, and pack repaired finished hats or caps.

What does an Inspector-Packer do?

Inspects, repairs, and packs repaired finished hats or caps: Inspects hats or caps for flaws, such as poor stitching and improperly placed visors, bands, or ornaments. Makes minor repairs to hats or caps, such as sewing in missed stitches, using needle and thread, clipping loose threads, using scissors, and fastening loose ornaments. Sorts hats or caps into piles according to size. Lines boxes or cartons with tissue paper and packs hats or caps in containers. Marks contents on outside of containers. May spray hats, using airhose, to remove lint prior to packing. May perform final finishing operations, such as buckling chin straps. May be designated according to hat as Felt-Hat Inspector And Packer; Strawhat Inspector And Packer.