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Inspector III

Inspect ammunition to detect unsafe or unserviceable items.

What does an Inspector III do?

Inspects ammunition, ammunition components, loading plants, and magazine areas to detect unsafe or unserviceable items and to enforce safety regulations: Inspects cartridges and other metallic items for corrosion or physical defects. Visually examines explosive components for deterioration, freedom of movement of parts, clearances between parts, and dimensions of specified parts, using measuring devices. Inspects physical condition of plant buildings and magazines for adequate safety equipment. Observes methods of storing and handling ammunition and actions of plant personnel for compliance with safety regulations. Inspects incoming and outgoing shipments for proper loading, bracing, and marking. Prepares reports on findings. May observe loading process for quality of production and observance of safety regulations. May supervise personnel engaged in salvage or destruction of unserviceable ammunition and explosives.