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Inspector I

Inspect nonferrous products and record variations from specifications.

What does an Inspector I do?

Inspects nonferrous metals and products, such as ingots, rods, sheets, plates, extrusions, and forgings, and records variations from standards and customer specifications: Verifies dimensions, using measuring instruments, such as ruler, micrometer, and vernier calipers. Examines metal for defects, such as scratches, wrinkles, inclusions, and discolorations, and outlines defective areas, using chalk. Tests hardness of metal [HARDNESS INSPECTOR]. Records variations from dimensional specifications, type of defect, and test results. Reports inspection results to machine operators or supervisor. Inspects packaged material and products for conformance with packing, labeling, and shipping procedures. May band and stencil containers as specified by shipping documents. May obtain samples of metal for laboratory analysis.