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Inspector and Tester

Inspect equipment for missing, defective, or improperly installed parts.

What does an Inspector and Tester do?

Inspects agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines, and balers for missing, defective, or improperly installed parts and operational malfunctions: Observes operation of equipment being driven around test area or on treadmill to detect defects, such as loose fittings, improper assembly, malfunctioning parts, or faulty controls, as indicated by noise, leaks, or irregularities in braking, steering, or transmission mechanisms. Aligns power-driven wheels of unit over dynamometer and connects electrical test leads to output terminals. Compares dynamometer readings with specification charts to check unit output. Assigns ASSEMBLY REPAIRER to defective equipment, explains defects, and suggests method of repair. Examines equipment for paint defects, incorrect decal application, missing tools, and faulty lights. Records cause and type of defect and repair work performed. May be designated according to type of inspection as Treadmill Inspector; or type of equipment inspected as Combine Inspector.