Inside Upholsterer

Upholster inside sections of chairs and sofas.

What does an Inside Upholsterer do?

Upholsters inside sections of chairs and sofas, utilizing knowledge of upholstery materials and methods: Lifts frame of article and places it on workbench. Tacks material along front rail, outside and inside arms, and onto top outside back. Places padding and material over seat springs and tacks material onto frame to complete seat upholstery. Repeats operation to upholster arms. Places and shapes layers of padding over inside back and tacks material to complete inside upholstery of article. May use grooved foam rubber padding and work excess material into grooves to produce channeled effect and secure material with buttons, using needle, thread, and cotton. May cover burlap with horsehair and cover it with muslin to prepare article for tufting. May cut openings in muslin and push horsehair away from opening and secure it with buttons to create tufting effect.