Inside Sales Representative

Sell your company's goods and services directly from the store.

What does an Inside Sales Representative do?

Inside Sales Representatives manage sales, assist in customer service issues, and monitor product shipping and delivery. You are referred to as an Inside Sales Representative because you work in a company’s office and perform your job duties over the phone.

” Sales Representative ” is a general title, and your specific duties as an Inside Sales Representative will vary by company, but for the most part you focus on client interaction, pursuing customer leads, and recommending alternative or additional products to purchasers. Given that you’re working directly with customers, having good people skills is a big asset in this field. You’ll be contacting clients to sell products or manage their accounts, and helping them resolve problems and complaints when they contact you. Both situations call for good conversation skills, and the ability to think on your feet and find solutions quickly. One day you may assist several different customers, but on another you may work to resolve one particularly troublesome customer’s issue.

Instead of working with private consumers, you might be dealing with government agencies and businesses. If that’s the case, you must be aware of any limitations or laws that may affect the sale or delivery of their company’s product, for example, whether to charge tax.

Regardless of whether you deal with a business or private individual, you represent a company so must always be courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.