Inside Meter Tester

Test electric meters and repair them.

What does an Inside Meter Tester do?

Tests electric meters to detect cause of malfunctions and inaccuracy, and repairs meters: Connects meter to test panel mounting standard meter and determines recording accuracy [ELECTRIC-METER TESTER]. Changes connections to test panel and observes whether parts, such as coils and magnet, function according to standard. Adjusts test panel controls and observes dials to determine if meter’s electrical readings are correct and turns setscrews to correct deviations. Determines if meter gears mesh properly by tactile examination and tightens or loosens screws to make adjustments. Adjusts timing mechanism on demand meters. Makes minor repairs, such as replacing wornout screws, jewels, and registers, and routes meters needing major overhaul to ELECTRIC-METER REPAIRER. May test accuracy of meters, using stroboscope to compare tested meter disk revolutions to those of standard. May test relays [RELAY TESTER]. May install and maintain test boards used to test function and accuracy of meters.