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Inset Cutter

Lay out and cut decorative insets for hard-surface floor covering.

What does an Inset Cutter do?

Lays out and cuts decorative insets for hard-surface floor covering: Lays out design and makes pattern from blueprint, using drafting tools. Selects material according to type and color specified on pattern. Lays out materials according to pattern colors, exercising care to obtain maximum utilization of material. Transfers design section to material by tracing over pattern and carbon paper. Aligns two or more layers of material, to be cut simultaneously, using straightedge and T-square. Cuts or gouges out design section, using gouging tools or guides electrical cutting machine over pattern lines. Places specified tile material on heated warming table and directs rays of portable heater onto area being cut to soften material and prevent cracking. Cuts specified design sections from brass or aluminum for insertion in inset. Assembles sections to form complete design and fastens parts together with masking tape. Fills in gouged lines of hand-carved designs with oil, aluminum, or bronze paint to enhance appearance of finished product.