Injector Assembler

Smooth, drill, and test parts for diesel engine fuel injectors.

What does an Injector Assembler do?

Smooths, drills, and tests parts for diesel engine fuel injectors according to specifications, using lapping machine, microscope drill, and testing equipment: Mounts injector check valves on spindle heads. Smooths flat and curved surfaces of valves on rotating disk or semispherically shaped pan containing lapping compound for specified time. Examines samples of lapped valves under binocular microscope for nicks and grooves. Clamps injector spray tip in fixture under microscope drill and moves lever to drill holes into tip. Stamps identifying numbers on injector parts, using roll type metal stamper. Clamps body of injector into holding fixture and inserts tip assembly including check valve, barrel and plunger, stem, spring, and retaining nut. Screws injector into testing machine and moves lever to test operation of plunger, spring, and spray tip outlets.