Injection Molding Machine Tender

Tend injection-molding machines that form plastic or rubber products.

What does an Injection Molding Machine Tender do?

Tends injection-molding machines that form plastic or rubber products, such as typewriter keys, phonograph records, and luggage handles: Dumps plastic powder, preformed plastic pellets, or preformed rubber slugs into hopper of molding machine. Starts machine that automatically liquefies pellets, slugs, or powder in heating chamber, injects liquefied material into mold, and ejects molded product. Observes gauges to ensure specified molding temperature and pressure are maintained. Examines molded product for surface defects, such as dents and cracks. May heat plastic material over steamtable or in oven to prepare material for molding. May remove product from mold, using handtools. May trim flash from product, using shears or knife. May place product in cold water or position it on cooling fixture to prevent distortion.