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Infusion Nurse

Administer shots, vaccines, and IVs to patients.

What does an Infusion Nurse do?

When medication, fluids, or a blood transfusion needs to take place intravenously – through the veins – Doctors call in an Infusion Nurse. As an Infusion Nurse, you’re a Registered Nurse who specializes in giving shots and setting up IVs. While it may not sound like a glamorous job, you play a very important role in patient care. You use a gentle touch and soothing voice to calm patients and take the pain out of a needle prick.

Choosing the right needle size and checking the patient’s medical history are just as important as administering his medications on time. Drugs can interact with one another in strange ways, and it’s your job as an Infusion Nurse to prevent unwanted side effects from drug interactions.

After cleaning the injection site, you prepare the needle and the medication. While a shot only takes seconds to administer, you want to ensure that the process is safe and pain-free for your patients. This means sterilizing the skin with an alcohol wipe and prepping the arm so the veins stand out.

You give patients everything from pain medication for a stomachache to fluids that provide nutrients when they can’t eat solid foods. In addition to administering these fluids, you maintain IVs and tubes to prevent infections and minimize patient discomfort. Though your daily tasks focus on shots and needles, the real purpose of your work is aiding and comforting others.