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Information Technology Technician



Find and fix issues related to hardware, software, data, and network.

What does an Information Technology Technician do?

Technology is more than individual electronic devices sitting around, minding their own business. Below the surface, a vast city of data is constantly at work. Information Technology Technicians are the City Planners of the computer world. They set it up, connect it together, and fix it when it malfunctions.

The physical hardware-computers, printers, and other devices you can touch-comprises the office buildings. Data functions like invisible office workers, carrying out tasks and delivering important messages. The computer network uses wires or wireless signals to transmit these data to and from the computer equipment, just as a highway allows people to travel to and fro on it. Finally, the software inside the computer is the boss telling data what to do and where to go.

Though it’s a well-planned operation, the system can still break down. If, for example, data sent to the printer never arrive, the Information Technology Technician is called in to find out where they’re going, and steer them back on the right course. In other cases, Information Technology Technicians are not fixing problems at all, but adding to the vast computer network so that extra printers or servers can take on part of the work load.

Most people never realize the computer network is there. In this position, you’re the one who rolls up your sleeves and dives in to keep everything sailing along smoothly.

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