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Information Technology Recruiter

Find the perfect people for IT positions.

What does an Information Technology Recruiter do?

Information technology is the field of computerized data management. People working in the industry understand databases and computer software, and specialize in handling industry-specific programs. Examples of these programs include those that track employee transactions for banks and online patient files for hospitals.

While an Information Technology Recruiter understands how the process works, their job is not to do the work but to find the best-qualified staff to perform it. Technicians, Help Desk Representatives, technical support teams-no matter what the position is, an Information Technology Recruiter aligns the perfect employee with it.

When you’re an Information Technology Recruiter, you keep your own database, one filled with job seekers. When a position becomes available, you leap into action. You scan your list of potential employees, identifying those with qualifications that match the employer’s requirements.

You call or email the potential new hire, ask questions, give information, and set up a time for you to interview them over the phone. This process filters viable candidates from the masses of unskilled or unqualified applicants, which saves the hiring company time and advertising dollars. When your efforts result in a hire, you’re compensated by the hiring company. Otherwise, you don’t get paid.

Networking is the name of the game. You attend job fairs, scour online job boards, and work with human resource departments of companies large and small. You will excel in this position if you’re a go-getter who is comfortable communicating with a wide range of people. Wallflowers need not apply.