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Information Technology Project Manager



Organize teams, budgets, and schedules for IT projects.

Salary Range

$63,892 - $90,376

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does an Information Technology Project Manager do?

In the information technology (IT) department, the Information Technology Project Manager is the to-do list, calendar, and timer all rolled into one. As the Information Technology Project Manager, you plan out IT projects, assign tasks to your staff, and create a budget and timeline for completion. With impatient clients waiting for you to roll out the newest software upgrade or a patch that finally fixes a program glitch, you maintain a tight schedule and see that everything is ready for launch day.

When a new project hits your desk, the wheels in your head start turning. Before setting a deadline or crunching numbers, you plan out the life cycle of your project. This covers brainstorming sessions, designing and writing the code, and testing the software in the real world.

After you’ve mapped out the path to success, it’s time to break it down into numbers. How much will it cost? What must you do to stay within your budget and still deliver the finished product on time?

Then you assemble your team. You build a superhero IT squad from the ground up, and get to work.

Each day is focused on reviewing your team’s work, and checking budget and time constraints. If an unexpected delay occurs, such as a client who changes their mind about what the project should include, you make the necessary adjustments to stay on track. Just as a ship can’t sail without a Captain, an IT department can’t function without an Information Technology Project Manager.

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