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Information Technology Consultant



Use your expertise to solve IT problems for clients.

What does an Information Technology Consultant do?

As an Information Technology Consultant (IT Consultant), you know everything there is to know about computer network systems. Since you’re an independent contractor, some clients opt to outsource their IT department into your capable hands. An Information Technology Consultant can run a one-person operation or be part of a team of Consultants who advise business executives about how to get the most out of their network systems.

As an Information Technology Consultant, you are the lead Project Manager when a client wants to expand their company’s network capabilities. Once the new system goes live, you stick around to de-kink any knotty problems, and train employees on how to navigate the new features. Since Business Owner may lack computer network knowledge, you handle the details of installing a system at a new location.

Not all projects come with the same tasks, not all networks use the same operating system, and not all clients know they don’t know much about computers, let alone computer networks. That means you’ll need to stay up to speed on technology developments and be able to know it all without projecting a know-it-all attitude.

If you love the nuts and bolts of computer networking systems more than you love the convenience that technology provides, then you’ve probably got what it takes to become an IT Consultant. Combine your passion for high-tech with an innate ability to grasp what a business needs from IT—fast—and you’re well on your way to building an impressive consulting business.

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