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Information Technology Auditor



Check the security of a company's computer system.

What does an Information Technology Auditor do?

Just like any Auditor, an Information Technology Auditor verifies aspects of a company’s business. Instead of checking up on money, though, an Information Technology Auditor looks at the company’s computer systems.

As an Information Technology Auditor, you examine how secure different accounts are and make sure only the right people have access to certain information.

You’re involved in everything that has to do with the security of a computer or IT system. This means you make sure no one can hack into the company’s accounts and read classified e-mails or steal millions of dollars. You also check up on how well the software itself is working.

Today, so much of a company’s business is done with the use of computers that if part of the system isn’t working correctly, it can cause big problems. So you run diagnostic programs to ensure all the necessary updates have been installed, and all parts of the system are working well together.

Another purpose of the audits you do is to make sure only the right people have access to certain information. You might make sure firewalls are keeping employees out of areas where they shouldn’t be, or that the website doesn’t give customers a direct line to classified company data. Once you’re done with your audit, you create a report and update management about your findings. The information you gather is used to do things like create stricter security, change an operating system, or alter company policies.

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