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Information Systems Security Engineer



Create systems to protect the data stored in companies' computers.

What does an Information Systems Security Engineer do?

When it comes to business, there are a few mandatory ingredients for success: great customer service, good value, a reliable product, and the security that customer information will be kept from the hands of hackers and computer viruses.

An Information Systems Security Engineer personally works to ensure that security. As an Information Systems Security Engineer, you commonly work for companies that collect, store, and process large quantities of information. Take, for example, a clinic or hospital with thousands of computerized patient files. It’s your job as an Information Systems Security Engineer to design the systems that keep that personal information safe.

Imagine the database of credit card information at Amazon, or the sheer volume of cell phone numbers and contact information attached to customer accounts at Verizon, and you can picture both the enormity and importance of your job. So you consider all the factors when designing each system, taking into account who has access, how information is used or stored, and what type of protection you should use against system intrusion (that means hackers).

But your job doesn’t stop at the design phase. That’s because, with the help of Computer Systems Analysts, Security Managers, and Computer Security Specialists, you constantly test, tweak, update, monitor, evaluate, back up, install firewalls, troubleshoot, and respond to security issues. In your spare time, you perform risk assessments, and look for ways to improve the security of your already ironclad system.